Poster Project

Gathering Inspiration


Initial Concept Drafts


Round 2

Soft Deadline Final Poster

More Feedback

  • working more closely with InDesign and Illustrator tools to make cutout elements and images more crisp to the edge without sharp points or white space (working on craft)
  • experimenting more with color and opacities to refine the hierarchy of point of interest for the viewer’s eye.
  • Making the body text smaller to play with the space of the poster more effectively

Making Revisions

  • playing with type and placement once again
  • trying colored letters of her name
  • how to make quote standout- I added layered “post it” rectangle backgrounds so the text is more apparent.
  • hanging the quote
  • showing Lotta’s smile but still covering one eye
  • Improving contrast and vibrancy and changing opacities

Final Poster and Reflection




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Shruti Prasanth

Shruti Prasanth

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